• Design Automation(1)
  • Design/Engineering – Advanced(5)
  • Design/Engineering – Basic(9)
  • Electrical(2)
  • Management/Collaboration(2)
  • Marketing/Sales(2)
  • Simulation(6)


In SOLIDWORKS Essentials, we focus on the basic features of the program. You get a thorough insight into the basics of working in 3D. We go through SOLIDWORKS' three basic modules: part, assembly, and drawing. This basic training provides a foundation for our supplementary courses. After completing the course, you can independently manage SOLIDWORKS and execute from idea to production.

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3DEXPERIENCE Introduction Onboarding

The 3DEXPERIENCE Introduction Onboarding, helps you set up your 3DEXPERIENCE platform. Learn how to navigate and the key elements to getting started. We offer expert guidance to help you kickstart your journey with the 3DEXPERIENCE platform.
In this initial phase, ​save time viewing and sharing information directly from your browser.​ 

You will be introduced to the fundamentals of using 3DEXPERIENCE, like navigating and using basic features and tools to be able to develop at your own pace in the platform.​ 

As a platform administrator you will be shown how to log in, invite members and set user profiles.

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Are you curious of the 3DEXPERIENCE platform and the benefits of using cloud? Join one of our Hands-on events where you learn more, and get to test drive the platform yourself.
This is a hands-on event, where you will better understand the benefits of the 3DEXEPRIENCE platform and Cloud Services.
During the day, you will try out the 3DEXPERIENCE platform firsthand. You will get the chance to explore the different design roles available, dive into the data storage and organization options, and try out different collaboration features.

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SOLIDWORKS Advanced Part Modeling

Do you work with consumer products or complex mechanical shapes? Could you benefit from using tools for advanced shapes?
The SOLIDWORKS Advanced Part Modeling course introduces a number of tools to facilitate your design work. You will learn to build complex shapes and work with surfaces and solids. We will cover Sweeps and Lofts, as well as other advanced tools in the program.

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SOLIDWORKS Assembly Modeling

In the SOLIDWORKS Assembly Modeling course you will learn a variety of techniques for creating, merging, and editing components directly in Assembly. You will learn (and practice) replacing components, creating patterns, using display modes, and configurations. 

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In the SOLIDWORKS Drawings training you will learn to create drawings from parts and assemblies. You will gain knowledge and experience in handling views, dimensions, tables, and configurations. You will learn and practice creating and managing drawing templates and their connections to the 3D model.

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Do you design bent sheet metal parts with the same thickness? SOLIDWORKS Sheet Metal Design can streamline the process of creating production documentation. In this training, you will learn how to use the tools in SOLIDWORKS Sheet Metal to design sheet metal parts or convert ordinary parts into sheet metal. You will also learn to use simple commands to flatten parts.

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Do you work with welded structures of beams and pipes in an industry where you use details with specific profiles and cut to specific lengths? The Weldment module in SolidWorks provides you with efficient tools that are easy to use and save time. SolidWorks Beam & Pipe Construction gives you knowledge in using weldment multibodies and creating production drawings with well-defined cut lists. With the help of case studies, you learn the necessary commands, settings and menus to be able to complete the design tasks.

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Walkthrough - SOLIDWORKS What's New

Whether you are a new user or have many years of experience, SOLIDWORKS What's New training gives you a quick and effective overview of all the new features in the most recent version of SOLIDWORKS. Every year, between 200-300 new features are added to the new version. This course will teach you the most significant and effective methods for enhancing productivity at work.
We also keep track of new version previews at launch events. We'll show you what's new in the latest version, as well as some useful hints.

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DraftSight Essentials

In the Drafting Essentials training you will learn and practice how to handle and edit 2D drawings. To help you become a successful DraftSight user, we place great importance to learning the basics of the software.
With DraftSight software, you can document designs, create 3D CAD drawings, and manage existing 2D data. The software is a valuable tool for quickly and easily creating a draft or a full-fledged drawing for production.

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SOLIDWORKS Surface Modeling

Do you design products with complex shapes? So you've realized that solid modeling is not the right way to go? SOLIDWORKS Surface modeling offers a number of different tools for advanced design. In this training, you will learn to build complex shapes with the help of surface modeling in conjunction to solid modeling. During the training, you get to take part in case studies from manufacturers of consumer products. The lessons are centered around the design of both solids and surfaces. After the course, you will be equipped with the right tools to create an excellent solid model.

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SOLIDWORKS Routing: Piping & Tubing

SOLIDWORKS Routing, Piping and Tubing is an effective tool for those who work with all types of piping; for example, in the process industry. The tool gives you, the designer, an opportunity to create piping with both bent and welded pipes — with or without couplings/flanges. With the tool, you automatically receive lot of useful information to display in 2D drawings for a clearer overview. For example, with SOLIDWORKS Routing you can automatically generate material lists for pipe consumption and documents to produce pipe isometries. The training covers all aspects of the tool — from the critical piping components and their design requirements to sub-assemblies that contain the installation.

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SOLIDWORKS Routing: Electrical

Do you want to learn how to easily produce cable designs and integrate electrical and mechanical design? In this training you will learn how to create, change, and manage cabling. It covers everything — from the critical components at a detail level to subassemblies that contain the installation of electronics. By using SOLIDWORKS Routing Electrical, you will automatically have a clearer view from the variety of useful information displayed in 2D drawings.

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SOLIDWORKS Forming Tools are essential — whether you are designing a part or the molding tool itself. The tools allow you to analyse the model and speed up the design process by automating the details of the mold. You will learn to use the possibilities in SOLIDWORKS from a simple parting of a shape with only a core and cavity to more complex designs with multiple parts. The training also covers problems with imported geometry, surface modeling, and manual techniques for tool design.

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SOLIDWORKS Electrical Schematic

Do your designs have built-in electrical systems or do you need schematic drawings? In this training you will get the basic knowledge of SOLIDWORKS Electrical Schematic and be able to optimize your drawings. You will learn how to use templates, different drawing types, symbols and components, as well as cross references.

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SOLIDWORKS Electrical 3D

Do you want to learn how to integrate your electrical schematics with your 3D model in SOLIDWORKS or other products in Electrical 3D? You will gain knowledge of how to work with electrical and mechanical components such as wiring and housings. You will also learn how 2D and 3D work together in SOLIDWORKS Electrical.

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With SOLIDWORKS Simulation, you can save time and money by validating your design during the development process.
In this training, enables better constructions through simulation by teaching about analyses of stress, heat transfer, durability, and others. The course covers both basic parts of the Finite Element method and analysis processes. 

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SOLIDWORKS Flow Simulation

Do you want to learn or further develop your skills within SOLIDWORKS Flow Simulation? Then this training may be for you. You will gain knowledge about how to set up and perform fluid analysis. Including heat transfer, fluid flow and other advanced features available in SOLIDWORKS Flow Simulation, such as free surface and rotating regions. You will also learn the many capabilities you have available to explore your results.

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Are you interested in analyzing kinematics and dynamics in your SOLIDWORKS assembly? In this training you will learn the basics of SOLIDWORKS Motion Simulation to be able to predict movement problems in your design. Learn to build motion structures, set up contacts and forces, and analyse the results. The training covers reactional and frictional forces as well as energy consumption and torque in engines.

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SOLIDWORKS Simulation Premium: Dynamics

In this training you will learn how to use the SOLIDWORKS Simulation software for analyses of linear and nonlinear dynamic, structural behaviors in your parts and assemblies — such as vibrations and shocks. The training covers different types of dynamic load, including time-dependent analyses. An introduction to non-linear dynamics simulation, and harmonic analysis and random vibration analysis (for example MIL-STD-810F) are part of the course. 

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SOLIDWORKS Simulation Premium: Nonlinear

Take your skills in SOLIDWORKS Simulation to the next level! In this training you will get practical exercises related to the SOLIDWORKS Simulation Premium Nonlinear module. You will also receive an overview of a number of structural nonlinear cases. Learn to handle models that are subject to large deformations and plasticization, to apply the different material models available in the software, and to complete a non-linear analysis.

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SOLIDWORKS Simulation Professional

Do you want to deepen your knowledge of functions in SOLIDWORKS Simulation Professional? Then this training may be for you. You will gain knowledge for using the program's other type of Simulation. The training is suitable for all users who want to create better design by performing analyses and evaluating the properties of assemblies. You will expand your knowledge in simulation to also include heat transfer, frequency analysis, fatigue and stability analysis based on linear curvature concepts. You will also learn more about optimization both parametric and topology.

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DriveWorks Pro Essentials

DriveWorks Pro Essentials will give you an overview of the basic functions needed to create an run automated processes for SolidWorks parts, assemblies, drawings and office documentation such as word and excel files.
This training is the first step to open the professional door for design automatization, making 3D models, assemblies and drawings faster than ever before.

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Do you manage files with SOLIDWORKS PDM? Join us!
SOLIDWORKS PDM is a powerful PDM system that ensures that you work efficiently and securely with the design documents in your company. You will learn the basics of working with a PDM system, including workflow, managing document information, and revisions.

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SOLIDWORKS PDM Administrator

Are you interested in setting up and/or administering SOLIDWORKS PDM? Then this is the training for you. SOLIDWORKS PDM is a powerful PDM system that ensures that you work efficiently and safely with the company's design documents. In this training, you will learn: how to manage users and groups; how file and folder cards with associated variables are set up and used; how workflows with audit schedules are configured; and more.

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Do you work with SOLIDWORKS and need photorealistic product images? Then this training in photo rendering is for you. SOLIDWORKS powerful rendering tools help you produce design images for different product presentations. This course will teach you to create photorealistic renderings of parts and assemblies and to produce printed and digital material. You will learn the basics of SOLIDWORKS rendering tools — from simple to complex rendering. The training also covers different types of materials, decals, scenes, and file types.

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Do you work with technical illustrations and product information? Then this course is for you!
With SOLIDWORKS Composer, you can reuse CAD data and quickly create and update high-quality graphic elements of your 3D model. This helps you synchronize your process of producing technical documentation with your design process. This enables you to shorten the time until your product is on the market. The software can also be used for manuals, assembly and installation instructions, maintenance guides, brochures, websites and so on.

In the training, you will learn to create detailed images, exploded views, animations, and interactive material.

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